deck reinforcement for outdoor hot tub

Installing A Hot Tub or Spa On A Raised Deck

The hot tub or spa may be sitting fully on the deck or it may have been recessed to hold a family, maybe a few friends, a barbecue and some outdoor furniture.

Hot Tub Bases - Capital Hot Tubs

Your deck may not be suited to hold the weight of a hot tub. If this is the case, we can We fill, form and pour a level, reinforced concrete pad in your back yard.

Successful Hot Tub Planning Professional Deck Builder Options

Adding a hot tub to a deck project requires creativity and close attention to structural details. The footings and piers are reinforced and connected to each other with #4 rebar, and the 4x4 posts are reinforced as shown with . Outdoor Rooms

Gorgeous Decks and Patios With Hot Tubs I Could Live Out Here

Considering installing a hot tub on your deck or patio? Get design ideas and inspiration from these beautiful outdoor retreats at

Installing a Spa on Your Deck - HouseLogic

Evaluate the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining an outdoor spa to is a reinforced concrete pad, a great option if you're planning a new deck or

Building a Hot Tub Deck Video DIY

A tiny, unused deck is replaced with a large but cozy space with a hot tub.

What Type of Base Do You Need For a Hot Tub? Spa Installation

The easiest way place to install a new spa is on an existing structure that is already perfectly level like a well-built wooden deck. People often worry about the

How to Build a Hot Tub Platform (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Building a hot tub platform is the first step to installing a jacuzzi system in your backyard. Although this You can use the plan below to construct a hot tub deck in one afternoon. Image titled . Add the center beam aligned with the two outside beams. Do I need to reinforce a 6-inch concrete base for my hot tub? wikiHow

How to Reinforce a Deck for a Spa / Hot Tub -

When you add a spa or hot tub to a deck you are adding a lot of weight. This "How to Guide" is to show one possibility of reinforcing your deck so that it can

Outdoor Spas vs. Hot Tubs: How to Choose - HFS Financial

Feb 11, 2015 An outdoor spa is usually attached to the pool and uses the same plumbing They are a separate, rolling tub that you can put on your deck or in your Hot tubs installed in the yard should be on a reinforced concrete pad at

How to Reinforce a Deck for a Hot Tub Spa The Spa Guy - YouTube

Sep 11, 2011 The Spa Guy Gives general Information on How to Reinforce a Deck to keep the deck from sagging or even falling. It is very simple and you can Hot Tub Deck Design and Framing Platform

A standard 8' x 8' hot tub weighs about 5,000 lbs when fully loaded with water and people. Needless to say, this is much more than a typical deck frame is

The Definitive Guide to Inflatable Hot Tubs - Swim University

Feb 16, 2018 Wondering if an inflatable hot tub might work in your back yard? This allows you to plug into any indoor or outdoor outlet. Some inflatable hot tubs feature I-beams to reinforce the structure, allowing you and your . This means you probably shouldn't set it up on your wooden deck, but a flat spot in your

How to Support a Hot Tub on a Deck eHow

Decks beneath hot tubs need far more support than other decks. over to the deck, using a proprietary inverted surveyor's spray paint for the outside lines; Use all the reinforcing hardware recommended by the plans, securing the joists and

Decks and hot tubs: What you need to know before you build Deck

Aug 24, 2015 When it comes to outfitting an outdoor space, hot tubs are must-haves for many homeowners. Adding a hot tub to your deck, however, requires

How to Remove a Hot Tub - Networx

Many hot tubs are installed on decks, which are often built around the tubs. not as much as the engineering that may have gone into the deck's reinforcement

The Cost To Own And Maintain A Hot Tub - Financial Samurai

Originally, I had planned to put the hot tub on my deck. not hold 7,000 pounds (heavier than my Honda Fit) without reinforcement. . More Time Outdoors.

Rising Sun Pools & Spas - Where Do I Put a Hot Tub? - Rising Sun

Feb 14, 2015 A good rule of thumb for a hot tub is to give yourself about a foot of deck or patio, make sure it has the proper structural reinforcement to avoid

An Installation Guide - Olympic Hot Tub

If you install the spa outdoors, a reinforced concrete pad at least four inches thick is required for the Hot The SmartDeck creates an 8'X 8′ instant hot tub pad.

What are hot tub installation requirements? Hot Spring Spas

A level concrete pad or a reinforced deck are the most common surfaces hot tubs are installed on. However, depending on the spa model you use, you may not

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