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Roof Deck is available in both fluted and cellular configurations, 1-1/2, 3, and 4-1/2 inch depths, 6 or 8 inch rib. Selected coatings and colors, up to 1.0 mil thick,

Cellular Composite Floor Deck Cordeck Building Solutions

If you require assistance in selecting the cellular composite roof deck products most suitable for your project, please contact a Cordeck DEXPERTTM today for a

Metal Decking - Scherer Steel

OTHER. Cellular Roof Deck; Cellular Acoustical Roof Deck; Cellular Composite Floor Deck; Cellular Acoustical Composite Floor Deck; Electrified Deck

Metal Deck Systems - Cellular Composite Floor Deck - 2.0" Cellular

2.0" Cellular Composite Floor Deck. Available Gauges: 20/20, 20/18, 18/20, 18/18, 18/16, 16/18, 16/16. Cover Width(s): 24". Available Finishes: Galvanized

What Is Cellular Steel Deck? O'Donnell Metal Deck

Click here to learn about cellular steel deck from O'Donnell Metal Deck.

Type "B" Cellular Floor Deck - Corrugated - James River Steel

CAD files on site, type "B" cellular deck used on exposed ceiling areas where a flat bottom deck is desired. desired for aesthetic purposes. Roof Decks N Deck

How do I know if my deck is Acoustical, Cellular, or Cellular

Standard roof deck profile with perforations in the webs (vertical portions of the flutes). The fiberglass insulation that will absorb the sound is field installed into

Floor Deck Products - ASC Steel Deck

Deep Deck can be used as roof deck as form deck. It is not available as composite deck. Deep Deck is available with a cellular option, including acoustical

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sdi manual of construction with steel deck - Steel Deck Institute

Cellular deck is made by attaching a bottom steel sheet to a roof deck or composite floor deck panel. Cellular deck can be used in the same manner as floor

Roof Decks - Arcat

DoveTail Roof Deck and DoveTail FORMLOK Composite Deck. Structural Roof Decking & Wide Board Loft Flooring. In Floor Cellular Raceway Systems.

Cellular Deck - Vulcraft

By acting as both a ceiling and roof, this versatile product helps you achieve environments the specially designed Vulcraft Structural Cellular ceiling/Deck

What are the different types of Concrete roof decks? - GarTalk

Sep 26, 2011 Like structural concrete roof decks, composite decks are commonly topside Cellular: LWIC is neat cement paste concrete made very light and

Cellular Composite Deck – New Millennium

Cellular Composite Deck. Cellular floor deck with continuous (underside) beaded liner panel allows for increased deck spans, increased clear spans (unshored)

Steel Deck - Canam-Buildings

was expanded to include composite floor deck, deep roof deck, cellular roof and floor deck and metal wall and roof panels and all related formed-metal deck

Stainless Steel Roof Decking - ThomasNet

Decks include corrugated & ribbed roof, cellular, galvanized, structural, acoustic, span, composite floor & form decks. Various applications include schools,

Metal Decking: Roof Deck, Composite Floor Deck, Form Deck

Roof deck is popular because it is strong, lightweight, economical, and easy to install. Roof deck can be produced with acoustical, cellular, or cellular/acoustical

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These are roof deck, form deck, composite deck, and types of roof deck and attachment methods have . Cellular decks are manufactured with a flat bottom

DACS Cellular Decking

DACS Cellular decking is typically utilized in exposed ceiling areas where a flat bottom deck is desired for aesthetic purposes under a slab and a composite

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