neighbours garden fence too low

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How many times have you heard that someone has had problem with his/her neighbours because the garden fence is too high or too low, painted in a colour

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If your neighbour pays for a fence that he erects on his own land My neighbour's fence makes my garden very dark beacuse his neighbour would easily see over the top of such a low fence.

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Feb 1, 2016 If your neighbours can see into your yard, these privacy fences can block If a low fence height is a problem, you can also make a fence taller. He's too far away to hear our conversations so it's just visual privacy we need.

Neighbour dispute! Need help Diabetes UK

Jul 10, 2014 We have a neighbour whom we have always been polite too apart the fence that was all the way down the garden and put a low fence up

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Nov 14, 2014 What side of the fence should the railings be on? There is no rule as to which side of a fence the railings should be. If neighbours cannot agree

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Aug 21, 2016 And your ideal fence height may not be your neighbour's ideal fence height. Fences for privacy your neighbours. Do they want more privacy too? When this London terraced house was built, all the gardens had low walls.

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Mar 10, 2016 Q My neighbour put up a fence and had the concrete post put on my land. . Usually garden walls are built to a lower standard on smaller

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Jun 2, 2017 There are a few rules of fence etiquette you should keep in mind before you yards, that could actually be something your neighbor is considering, too! So is it alright for builders e.g to go in your Neighbours garden so you

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Aug 10, 2016 Garden fencing for nosey neighbours in stylish ways . A low-maintenance entertaining space: modern Garden by Lush Garden Design. ID. Save 13. Courtyards won't feel too enclosed if you have horizontal slats. Extended

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This might happen because your neighbour has erected a fence that is too low, as he/she wants to gain more light exposure

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If you want to build a fence between your property and your neighbour's, you don't need I'd like to build a smart iron fence, but my neighbour says it will be too

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6 days ago The legal position with regards to boundary and fence disputes, and how However in the last few weeks we have had builders in replacing our kitchen . In 2014 I replaced the fencing between my garden and the one next door. boundary belonged too, the contacted the Land Registry Office and there

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Aug 18, 2017 The right hedge can be an ideal garden boundary but the wrong Before you contact your neighbour, be clear in your own mind what the problem is. will have to pay to replace your fence only for the hedge to damage it again they also need time to think, so don't rush them into a discussion too soon

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It is only a small garden to start with so I feel totally imprisoned. in many terraced house back gardens) then this is too high as it leaves all or . the lower garden had wanted a toweringly high fence again, we'd have obliged.

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I want to put up a dividing fence between my property and my neighbour's property . The dividing fence in place is too low and doesn't give me enough privacy.

If your neighbour won't fix their garden fence, what can you do?

If your neighbour's fence is in a poor state of repair it can spoil your the rear of yours, you may need to find out who is responsible for any fence on this boundary, too. If the prospect of watching the old fence rot away over the next few years

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We would advise you not to 'improve' your neighbour's fence in any way, front gardens there is likely to be a covenant restricting the erection of any fence or of injurious toppings on fences and walls that are so low that they could easily

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This does not change the position of the boundary or the legal rights to ownership of the land, even if you and your neighbour agree to the fence position.

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