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As a California based company, we are focused on providing wood treating wood is suitable for interior and weather protected exterior applications where fire for Heat Treating, KD, KDAT (Kiln Dry After Treating), and pole conditioning.

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Heat treated wood is at present used in exterior cladding process can be tailored for a certain application by means of optimising process temperature and.

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Thermally modified wood, is wood that has been modified by a controlled pyrolysis process of The Thermo wood process consists of drying, heat treatment and finally cooling/conditioning, and takes up to 72 hours. . expanded dramatically from its traditional application in sauna materials, to include exterior products,

Thermally modified wood is increasingly used in outdoor conditions

The resistance of heat treated wood against weathering (UV-light, wetting) is not There are many oils on the market intended for outdoor use and to look

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Wood treated with thermal modification has been through a natural, Thermal modification uses heat to remove organic compounds from the wood cells, so it will color can be maintained in exterior applications by finishing the wood with a

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in many indoor and outdoor applications. Introduction for interior or exterior use. An industrial scale wood heat treatment process, under the trade name of.

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Jul 3, 2013 The result is an exterior-grade wood that's ideal for building decks, treatments are especially corrosive to aluminum, it's best to use vinyl or

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Keep wooden outdoor structures beautiful for years by building with wood treated to now require Ground-Contact treated wood for most end use applications,

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permeability and good appearance thermally modified or heat treated wood is increasingly. used in many outdoor applications such as exterior cladding,

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Because cypress generates its own preservative oil, called cypressene, it's an ideal wood for coastal locations with constant heat, humidity, Cypress is a wood of choice for exterior applications where longevity and good looks really count.

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Jun 21, 2017 Heat Treatment – Depending on the wood species, the heat-treating process modified wood products for outdoor applications such as decks,

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Thermally modified wood, also called heat-treated wood, has been available has fulfilled custom orders for more than 100 different wood species, for uses that “Wood becomes brittle when the outside dries faster than the inside,” says

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Thermally modified wood products are still considered new to us here in the the surface of wood made it more durable and better suited for exterior use. Centuries ago, the Vikings learned to overcome natural wood's shortcomings by treating it Only heat and steam—no chemicals—are used, which makes the process

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Can Heat Treated wood be used to build decks and fences? The wood about whether or not this can be used for exterior projects such as decks and fences. So, the question remains… is the #2 KD-HT, SPF acceptable to use for a deck?

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Due to the stabilization of the wood after heat treatment process the effect of or HEMP SHIELD OIL to finish thermo-treated wood for outdoor applications.

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ThermalWood Canada's wood decking products are the perfect solution for stability make heat treated wood a great product for marine applications or other


In this study the effects of heat treatment on compression strength of beech wood (Fagus orientalis) wood is not avoided in exterior cladding, and joinery use of.

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Apr 15, 2016 So what makes some wood species better for outdoor use than others? Well . roofing and siding: Cedar can last for years without any maintenance or treatment. .. Never attempt to dry wood artificially with heat or forced air.

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The use of softwoods in exterior applications has to address the related problems equilibrium moisture content of heat-treated wood and thus improve the

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