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444 Days in the Dark: An Oral History of the Iran Hostage Crisis GQ

Nov 3, 2009 Thirty years ago this month, sixty-six Americans were taken hostage at I look out the window, and I see thousands and thousands of people outside of the gates. .. Beneath were some wooden crates, and they started opening them, . Haney: The blades cut through the fuselage and the flight deck, and

Last American seized at U.S. embassy in Iran recalls the day

Nov 2, 2009 The hostage takers wanted the shah returned to Iran; the hostages For more than 14 months, the hostages were often blindfolded, bound and left on concrete floors or It ended when one man slammed a wooden handle on the back of blindfolded, hearing chants outside that meant "death to America.

'Argo,' as Seen by the Iran Hostage Crisis Survivors - The New York

Oct 16, 2012 Americans who knew the Iran hostage crisis firsthand reflect on “Argo,” a Out on the red carpet Ben Affleck , the director and star, and John

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