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Williams / Bally WPC Driver Board Upgrade - Aussie Pinball

May 13, 2011 Williams / Bally WPC Driver Board Upgrade. of attending to reset issues on Power Driver boards, but my theory applies to ANY driver board.

Boards - Power Supply / Drivers - Marco Pinball Parts

Ni-Wumpf DRIVER BOARD for all Gottlieb System 80, 80A and 80B ga Out Of Stock. $99.00. Boards - Power Supply / Drivers-WPC Power Driver board rebuild

Rottendog Replacement boards - Big Daddy Enterprises

Rottendog Bally/Stern AS-2518-18/-49/TA-100 Power Supply board. .. Dot Matrix Driver Board compatible with Williams WPC89 and WPC-S pinball games.

WPC 95 Power Driver Board - K's Arcade

Williams/Bally WPC 95 Power Driver Board. New power/driver for WPC games made between 95 and 1999. Replaces Williams Bally part number A-20028.

Williams WPC89 Hardware Installation - LED OCD

Disconnect all the lamp matrix row connectors from the power driver board. Connect the 0.100" connector to J133 of the WPC power driver board. 29. Secure

Bay Area Amusements: PC Boards - Power Driver

XPIN power driver board replacement for the Williams D-11813 and D-12247 assembly. Code: XP- Williams 8-Driver Board WPC (repl A-16100-1, A-16100-2).

Pinball Rehab - WPC Board Versions

Mar 19, 2013 There are three generations of WPC boards: WPC-89, WPC-S (security) On power driver, sound, display, audio/visual and Fliptronics boards

PinLED comes to the UK - Pinball News - First and Free

It is available at www.pinballdisplays.co.uk and includes the ability to buy online. The replacement WPC/WPC-S power driver board should be available in

Pinball Life: Boards

Alltek Ultimate Solenoid Driver Board for Bally/Stern alltek_ultsol $149.95 Power Tap Board for Williams/Bally WPC Era Machines pbl-600-0051-00 $9.95.

WPC-95 Power Driver board rebuild kit - Marco Specialties Pinball

WPC-95 Power Driver board rebuild kit. #WPC-PDA20028. 25 piece electronic component rebuild kit for the Bally / Williams WPC-95 pinball System part

Bally Williams WPC-89 & WPC-S Driver Board Driver Boards at

New version 4 Driver Board compatible with Williams WPC89 and WPC-S pinball Inrush current into power supply capacitors reduced for longer supply life.

WPC power drive board , bench test fixture and repair method.

The more familiar one is with the driver board , the better they will be able to fix WPC games". Well let's follow Clay's advice and using this repair method the

Bally Williams Pinball WPC 95 Power Driver Board Capacitor - eBay

This kit contains the capacitors and diodes needed to rebuild your Bally Williams WPC 95 System Power Driver Board; generally part number A-20028. The kit

WPC Power Driver board rebuild kit - Marco Specialties Pinball Parts

WPC Power Driver board rebuild kit. #WPC-PDA12697X. 11 piece electronic component rebuild kit for the Bally / Williams WPC pinball System part # A-12697-1

Williams WPC Driver Board Repair (Adams Family) - YouTube

Sep 27, 2013 Here is a repair on a Williams WPC 89 driver board from an Adam's Family machine (see another of my videos where I repair the CPU board for

How to use MPF with WPC machines — Mission Pinball Framework

Drivers, coils, lamps, and GI are controlled via the existing WPC power driver board (which is connected to the P-ROC or FAST WPC controller via the existing

Williams & Bally WPC 89 Driver Board - K's Arcade

New replacement board for WPC 89 Williams and Bally games. Replaces part numbers: A-12697-1, A-12697-3, A-12697-4.

Any Hope?! (WPC Power Driver Board Issue) - J115 Tech: Modern

After checking the fuses which were fine, I decided to take the board out to have a look and noticed the back of J115 (pins 1 and 2) was pretty

the Daughterboard Page - Kahr.us

This circuit creates a unique 5 volt power source for the MPU board. Resets happen on WPC pinball machines because the Driver Board's 5 volt power supply is


2The majority of electronic repairs will be on the WPC Power Driver board. High power transistors used for more powerful solenoids (and the flipper, on their

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