can you put plywood under pavers

How to Transform Wooden Decks with Stone Outdoor Flooring

Nov 17, 2011 Transform your wooden deck to one with a stone, brick, marble or travertine outdoor flooring. Using Silca grates as subflooring, you can create

Do's and Don'ts of Paver Installation: Step 2 of 3 - Base Preparation

Preparing a proper base is crucial for any paving stone project; again, you can refer to Do not place plastic under any paving application with the intention of

Instant Paver Deck on Wood Frame - Deck Paver Project - Decksgo

If you are like most people you probably thought deck pavers could only be Turns out stone is a great material obviously for its durability. But there are substrate systems that can be used over wood joist framing to lay paver stones right on

How to Install a Permeable-Paver Driveway This Old House

How to Install a Permeable-Paver Driveway For a job of this scale, hire a pro with permeable-paver experience; smaller projects, like a path or . Hex Key and Install Plate for Soft Wood, PVC Board and Plastic Plate Drilling, Hardened High

Patio on the cheap? - landscape pavers resolved Ask MetaFilter

I plan on building a patio, about 10 x 14, using 16 inch pavers from craig's list. You can lay them on the dirt for a quick and dirty solution, but it you can walk on and put simple heavy patio furniture on just use wood chips.

Easier Paver Patio Base That Will Save Your Back Family

Sand: A thin layer of screeded sand provides a level platform for the paver panels. Install the pavers as you would over a conventional gravel base.

Laying Pavers - A step by step guide on how to lay pavers

Learn how to lay pavers easily. Mechanical compaction should be used when laying pavers for vehicle traffic areas. Use a 12mm plywood sheet or a thick rubber backed carpet square attached to the base of the compactor to provide a

Pavers on Top of Wood Deck? LawnSite

Apr 26, 2012 Any of you done a paver patio on TOP of a wood deck? Sort of an odd request. But I've had requests for it before and one today too. Not sure I would use treated plywood, than seal it with some type of vapor wrap. Than I

How to Lay Pavers - The Home Depot

Tip: The number of paver stones and the amount of paver base and paver sand needed will depend on the size of your patio area. For 60 square feet, you'll

Paving a Deck With Stone Professional Deck Builder Decking

When you lay pavers — whether natural stone or cast concrete — on the ground, that for wood or composite decking, the span tables in the IRC are of little use. The combined live and dead loads for a masonry-topped deck can run 100

Laying Pavers for a Backyard Patio HGTV

Build the ledger frame for the patio using wood stakes and bender board. If pavers are shifted from side to side you will get sand in between the pavers If needed, simply pick up the pavers and use a trowel to level the sand for that square.

How to Lay Patio Pavers on Dirt Home Guides SF Gate

Mar 15, 2018 Install patio pavers on dirt to serve as a temporary outdoor living space until Shovel; Hand or plate compactor; 2-by-4 piece of wood If you plan to use sand under the pavers, add 2 inches to the depth of the excavation.

How to Lay Pavers Over an Existing Wood Deck eHow

However, while you can technically lay pavers over an existing wood deck everything is finished you will have a new paver installation that will last for years.

A Raised Paver Patio That Meets a Grade Level Deck ProTradeCraft

Oct 7, 2015 Sand (minimum 1 inch) provides a drainable bed for the pavers. Add sand and tamp it down with a tamper—PVC pipe can be used as screeds for When the plywood top id flush with the deck, he is at the level he wants.

Digging out and Laying a Paver Patio The Home Depot Canada

If you don't, the top will be hard but the surface beneath it will be soft. cut an 8-foot length of plywood, 3 to 6 inches wide, that you can use as a straightedge.

10-Step Guide to Installing Pavers

Lay out your planned area using a hose or some wood to You should always add 5% to this figure, to allow for the pavers that will be cut to fit curves and odd spaces. If you know that you will be cutting a lot of pavers, you should add 10%.

A New Paver Patio Can Be a DIY Job - No Need For Heavy Gravel

It's easy to do a paver patio DIY job. Do you think this is a real DIY job or am I being too ambitious? . Do You Have To Put Gravel Under The Patio Pavers? I then set wood forms on the soil that extended a minimum of 3 inches beyond the

Tips for Laying a Paver Patio Today's Homeowner

May 13, 2013 Watch this video to find out how to lay a paver patio from start to finish, including layout, excavation, compacting base, leveling sand, and laying

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