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New Fabric Tech Could Be Outerwear's Biggest Advance in 40

Feb 26, 2015 Colorado-based company, Voormi, is touting a technology that produces a waterproof, breathable textile with only a single layer of material.

The “Most Waterproof Material Ever” Is Inspired By Nature

Nov 21, 2013 A team at MIT has what it says is the most waterproof material ever, last year–says this new super-hydrophobic surface could be used in

The most waterproof material ever? - BBC News

Nov 21, 2013 The team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) hope their design will inspire new waterproof clothing and "anti-freeze" materials for


The last 10 or so years, have seen a number of outstanding new fabric These materials are constructed as such that the fabric contains billions of holes per

Let it rain! New coatings make natural fabrics waterproof -

Jun 29, 2018 The new findings are described in the journal Advanced Functional Materials, in a paper by MIT professors Kripa Varanasi and Karen Gleason,

Getting a Waterproof Cast for Swimming or Showering

Waterproof cast materials are not really waterproof, rather they are water resistant. to see the doctor, have the cast removed, wash the skin, and get a new cast.

Let it rain! New coatings make natural fabrics waterproof MIT News

Jun 29, 2018 MIT researchers have developed a new waterproof coating method that is the coating, “works to waterproof a variety of fabrics and materials

Waterproofing - Wikipedia

Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so Roofing materials are generally designed to be water-resistant and shed water from a sloping roof, but in Generally, new technology in waterproof membranes relies on polymer-based materials that are very adhesive to create

Properties of Materials - How waterproof is it? - Science Sparks

Jan 22, 2014 This activity is great for learning about properties of materials, particulary how waterproof they are. It could be a bit messy so perhaps best to try

New waterproof surface is 'driest ever' - BBC News -

Nov 21, 2013 The "most waterproof material ever made" - inspired by nasturtium leaves - could be used for anoraks, wind turbines and aircraft engines, say

Water-Repellent Coating Developed as Less Harmful Alternative for

Aug 15, 2018 MIT researchers have developed a new waterproof coating for natural a new water-repellent material developed by researchers at MIT: soy

Waterproof fabric - Wikipedia

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June 2016) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Effect of water repellent on a shell layer Gore-Tex jacket (Haglöfs Heli II). Waterproof fabrics are fabrics that are inherently, or have been treated to become, resistant to

Video: New Super-Waterproof Material Makes Water Drops Bounce

Oct 21, 2013 Is that a rubber ball making its way down a two-by-four? No, it's actually a drop of water hitting a strip of experimental material that's so

Rough Science . New Zealand . Shakers . Waterproof Tent PBS

We used the following simple methods to obtain each of our materials: Lanolin was scraped off the top of water in

What's the best waterproof-breathable fabric available? Outside

I have been looking for a paddling jacket in a waterproof-breathable fabric. It seems Basically, there are two kinds of waterproof-breathable materials out there:

New Material So Waterproof Water Bounces Off It Like A Ball The

May 31, 2014 This New “Super-Hydrophobic” Material Is So Waterproof That Water on their surface; but with this new super-hyrdophobic surface, the water

Waterproof Ratings & Breathability Guide evo

There are many different types of water resistant fabrics and materials that . Introduced in 2013, GORE-TEX Pro fabrics utilize a new membrane with no

Designing waterproof breathable material with moisture

The double-layer membranes were used as waterproof breathable materials with a new approach for the development of waterproof breathable materials.

Self-healing waterproof coating stays dry for the long term - New Atlas

Apr 4, 2017 Soon we could start to see a new class of waterproof products that stay The coating is actually a combination of materials called "fluorinated

MIT Team Creates 'Most Waterproof Material Ever' - YouTube

Nov 22, 2013 It makes sense that the less time water spends on a surface, the dryer a surface will stay, but the trick is finding the ideal contact deterrent.

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