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Cleaning your deck will ensure the wood is free of grime, dirt, and debris. The deck may take a day or two to dry, depending on how sunny it is outside.

Don't Clean your Wood Deck with Bleach! Angie's List

Mar 24, 2016 For years, we've used chlorine bleach to clean and kill mildew and mold. But if you're using it on your wooden deck, you could cause real

How to Restore & Maintain a Wood Deck - HomeTips

Jul 15, 2016 Washing and refinishing a wood deck can bring it back to life. to a home's beauty and setting the stage for a world of outdoor activities. Using A Pressure Washer To Clean A Deck

The DIY'er deck cleaner you thought you were has mutated into a DIY wood engraver. The words "no problem" echo in your mind and you're left with a damaged

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deck cleaning kit; exterior stain; deck sealer; bleach To clean and properly seal a deck, first sweep the debris — leaves, twigs, dirt — off the Scrub the Wood.

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A wood deck takes a lot of abuse due to its constant exposure to the elements. Dirt collects, mold spores can grow and discoloration can occur. You should clean

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Since wood decks receive constant abuse from the elements, they require periodic Start by applying deck cleaner to all the surfaces of the deck and railing we always recommend Wet & Forget, which should work on any exterior surface.

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Transform old, dirty, mildew stained wood surface into clean wood by using this BEHR Premium All-In-One Wood the outdoor stairs and small deck are new fir.

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How to Clean a Deck TIPS. Pressure washers ruin wood; Stain Solver cleans organically; WATCH pressure washer damage video below; Oxygen bleach

How to Clean and Restain a Deck This Old House

Spray the wood cleaner solution onto the deck and railings, then wait 10 minutes. Mix one gallon of oil-based deck stain with ½ pint of exterior-grade varnish.

How to Clean Your Wood Deck

Even though a clean wooden deck can be the rich, inviting hallmark of your yard, it can just as easily be an ugly eyesore if the wood isn't maintained. Anyone

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Oct 10, 2015 It's amazing what you can do for a few bucks. Cleaning your deck was never so easy. And cheap! Support if you like what we are doing. Here is

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Homemade Deck Cleaner for Outdoor Cleaning free your deck of loose dirt, leaves, and other debris before it can be ground into the wood surface. If you don't

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Jun 7, 2012 Unlike bleach solutions, this oxygen-based cleaner is better for the wood as its pH is much more wood friendly. If you have a wood deck…skip

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I've successfully cleaned outdoor structures with a bleach-and-detergent (For more, see “Maintenance and Restoration of Wood Decks,” Mar/Apr 2007,

How to Clean a Deck With a Pressure Washer - Consumer Reports

May 27, 2016 But mishandle a pressure washer, and it can blast your wood deck (or wash the siding on your house, clean outdoor furniture, and a whole lot more. Begin pressure washing the deck, moving with the grain of the wood in

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A deck can add beauty and value to any outdoor living space, but cleaning a wood deck isn't high on anyone's "how to spend a leisurely afternoon" list.

Cleaning and Brightening a Wood Deck With Oxygen Cleaner

May 30, 2018 This tutorial will walk you through the steps necessary for wood deck inspection and cleaning prior to refinishing your wood deck.

What Household Products Can I Use to Clean My Wood Deck?

Regardless of the type of deck cleaner you choose to use, you'll want a long-handled brush to scrub down your deck. In many cases, an outdoor broom will work

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