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Oct 6, 2014 Woodford Shale Play Update: Expanded Extent in the Oil Window* 2012b, Thermal maturity of Woodford Shale gas and oil plays, Oklahoma,

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Cardott, B.J., and M.W. Lambert, 1985, Thermal maturation by vitrinite reflectance of Woodford Shale, Anadarko basin, Oklahoma: AAPG Bulletin, v. 69, p.

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The Devonian-Mississippian Woodford Shale, from which more than 700 BCFG has been . Vitrinite reflectance (VR) of the Woodford Shale in Oklahoma.

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Aug 1, 2011 Three Basic Factors Necessary for a. Successful Gas Shale Play. ➢Hydrocarbon Source Rock: Organic Matter TYPE, QUANTITY, AND.

Thermal maturity of Woodford Shale gas and oil plays, Oklahoma, USA

Dec 1, 2012 Being a hydrocarbon source rock and having a brittle (silica-rich) lithologic character makes the Woodford Shale (Late Devonian to Early

Organic geochemistry of the Woodford Shale, southeastern Oklahoma

Aug 1, 2018 In this area, the Woodford Shale is marginally mature, as indicated by vitrinite reflectance values. Rock-Eval data revealed that the samples are

Low Thermal Maturity Woodford Shale - Oklahoma Geological Survey

Apr 11, 2013 HYDROCARBON SOURCE ROCK CLASSIFICATION. Organic matter type refers to the kerogen or maceral type and can be lumped into gas


that as thermal maturity increases, framboidal pyrite alters to euhedral pyrite. Vitrinite reflectance data shows that the Woodford Shale in Oklahoma ranges

Unconventional Oil & Gas Resource Evaluation of the Woodford

Jul 31, 2011 carbon, vitrinite reflectance, shale thickness, gas-filled porosity, clay content, Woodford Shale– Southeastern Oklahoma (Oil & Gas Play).

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gas in the Anadarko Basin Province, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and .. Map showing vitrinite reflectance (Ro) contours for the Woodford Shale; black line.

Thermal Maturation of the Eastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

Vitrinite reflectance, depth, reflectance statistics, and temperature for samples from wells in this study . unit, the Woodford Shale, and the other set (Schmoker).

The Development Of Organic Porosity In The Woodford Shale As A

However, thermal maturity alone may not be the only factor in determining the formation and preservation of pores in the organic matter. In this paper we report

Chemical, Molecular, and Microstructural Evolution of Kerogen

Mar 21, 2018 Maturation: Case Study from the Woodford Shale of Oklahoma of kerogen spanning a thermal maturity transect (vitrinite reflectance, Ro,

Application of Vitrinite Reflectance to the Woodford Gas-Shale Play

Application of Vitrinite Reflectance to the Woodford Gas-Shale Play Read more about woodford, shale, vitrinite, oklahoma, isoreflectance and reflectance.

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Unconventional resources. Vitrinite reflectance. Shale gas. Tight oil. Solid bitumen .. Woodford. Devonian-Mississippian Oklahoma. Carter Co., OK. Outcrop.

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Sep 10, 2014 Figure 2-17. Depth and isopach maps of the Woodford Shale, Permian Basin. . Figure 2-28. Variation in percent vitrinite reflectance in the New Albany Shale, Illinois Basin. play and hydrocarbon source rock in Oklahoma.

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Sep 24, 2014 The Anadarko, Ardmore, and Arkoma Basins, located in Oklahoma and Thermal maturation by vitrinite reflectance of Woodford Shale,.

Thermal Maturation by Vitrinite Reflectance of Woodford Shale

A systematic increase in mean vitrinite reflectance (mean. R„) with depth was . and Anadarko basin. Woodford Shale in the Oklahoma part of the Anadarko.

clay mineralogy and illite crystallinity of the atoka formation, arkoma

addition, no relation was observed between vitrinite reflectance and illite crystallinity, indicating that IC is not a useful Oklahoma and Arkansas, an area that long has been .. from the Woodford shale (black shale, oil-prone source rock), and

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Kansas. Woodford Shale well completions in Oklahoma (1934–2009). vitrinite reflectance can be used as an indicator of maturity in hydrocarbon source rocks.

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