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More Sufferers Open About Their Tonsil Stones - The New York Times

Aug 31, 2009 “So I pushed on my tonsil, and something popped out,” Ms. Swann said. The yellowish object was about the size of a piece of gravel and had

My tonsils are driving me crazy. - tonsilloliths tonsiloliths

My tonsils appear to be extremely cryptic -- one has 2 large holes and I had a friend who got a little plastic syringe thing from her doc that . Is the best tool, hands down - I figured this out independently, so it . Classic Theme.

What to Do About Cryptic Tonsils - Verywell Health

Sep 8, 2018 Cryptic tonsils are inflamed tonsils that have accumulated food, mucus, and other debris which can cause bad breath, tonsil stones, and a sore

Holes in Tonsils: Causes, Sore Throat, and More - Healthline

Nov 27, 2017 You may have been alarmed when you noticed holes in your tonsils, but it's actually a common side effect of a lot of different conditions.

Man pushes yellow STONES of hardened food and pus from his

Apr 22, 2016 An unidentified man, known as Tonsil Stone Man - whose nationality is also unknown - filmed the inside of his mouth as he pushed out the

Holes in tonsils: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Aug 2, 2018 Holes in the tonsils, or tonsillar crypts, are a normal part of a person's anatomy. However, these holes at the back of the throat can trap bacteria

Holes In Tonsils - I Have 5-6 Holes In Each Practo Consult

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