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A safe, long-lasting deck needs proper footings and solid framing. To help prevent rotting, this deck will have wooden posts attached to concrete footers above ground. For either method, set the footers below the frost line — the level at which If you're installing on an existing concrete pad, drill into the pad and install

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This Home Depot guide explains how to build a single level raised deck for Attach a 2 x 12-inch ledger board to the house to establish the deck position. as it is more accurate to measure when done relative to an existing deck structure.


Note: Wood−plastic composites are materials composed of wood fibers or powder that is level decks, or from snow−drift loads or sliding−snow loads. If the edge of a deck footing is closer than 5 feet to an existing house wall, the footing

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A high level deck in the backyard of a suburban house, in Australia. The decking is a Malaysian timber, Selangan Batu. In architecture, a deck is a flat surface capable of supporting weight, similar to a floor, but The deck of a house is generally a wooden platform built above the ground and connected to the main building.


Page 1 of 3. RES-MS-014 – Wood Decks One and Two family Dwellings.doc – April 2009 acceptable if deck is near ground level. Existing house. Post/

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Dillman & Upton. Wood Deck Construction in accordance with this guide is acceptable . This document applies to single level decks only. 2. .. Footings closer than 5'-0” to an existing house foundation wall must bear on undisturbed soil.

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This document applies to single level residential wood decks that are attached to the house to resist lateral forces. [R507.2.3]. 2. Overall deck Stringers shall not bear on new or existing concrete pads or patios that are not founded below

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House Attachment. Page 3. □ Correctly attaching your new deck to your existing home is critical to preventing collapses. Wood I-joist with rim board may require registered design profes- sional. All decks 30” high or more above finished.

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The existing decking and wood deck railing was in bad condition, but the and build a new “floating” landing at yard level that expands the deck in an attractive, practical way. Look for flashing over the ledger that attaches to the house.

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Apr 15, 2009 and elevated 30” or more above grade. Deck plans submitted for building permits for residential decks. They are .. Existing Dwelling.

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With proper flashing, a wood deck will last many years; without it, the deck and The existing house rim and the lower support walls need to be solid enough to Drop the level of the new ledger enough to allow at least a 2-in. gap between

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By Charles Linn & Deborah Snoonian of This Old House magazine // Photo by Kristine Larsen. Read This Before You Build . Wood 2.0 Decking, from $4 per square foot; techwood.com. 18 × Designate each level for a different activity. 19 ×

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Screw the board in place, making sure it's level with the house. (video); How to Build a Deck Foundation (video); How to Install Wood Deck Boards (video)

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Keep reading to learn the proper way to Extend an Existing Deck. As an extension from your house, it's a way to relish the beautiful outdoors while still The new level also doesn't have to be separated by a whole flight of stairs -- one or two

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Only a few provisions in the International Residential Code specifically relate to building a deck. fasteners — to the existing structure has caused several decks to collapse. and to prevent the deck from becoming a projectile in high winds or an earthquake. . Copyright © 2017 Hanley Wood Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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