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The additional fire protection of the hollow core or massive concrete slab slows PAROC FPS 17 (20mm thickness) provides a fire resistance of 120 minutes for

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on the fire performance of concrete slabs in standard and natural fires. The results The fire resistance rating of a structural member is the elapsed time it metal-deck composite slabs, including the ribbed lower part. Three Standard Fire

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Mar 21, 2017 Floor Assembly — The fire-rated fluted steel deck/concrete floor assembly shall be constructed of the materials and in the manner described.

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The calculated fire resistance of concrete, concrete masonry and clay masonry assemblies shall be permitted in accordance with ACI 216.1/TMS 0216.

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Rating. Type of. Protection. Concrete. Thickness &. Type (1). Classified Deck Type . Refer to the U.L. “Fire Resistance Directory” for the necessary construction

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Penetration Firestop” and UL 2079 Test for Fire Resistance of Building Joint .. Floor Assembly — The fire-rated fluted steel deck/concrete floor assembly shall

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Determining the fire rating for a structure member, can vary in complicity from on ACI 216.1 “Standard Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Concrete and.

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The same fire protection thickness for structural steel-framed deck/concrete floor ratings as found in UL Design No. D982 is now available in either restrained or

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1.7 Steel Deck at Concrete Form . the specified concrete thickness above the deck. Meets SDI . and is suitable for use in many UL fire rated assemblies.

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Interrelations Between Cement and Concrete Properties, Part 1. Mate- Tests were conducted to determine the resistance to fire of welded steel plate and.

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Indentations in the deck enable the deck and concrete to act together Fire resistance is achieved by including reinforcement within the floor slab. At the high

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Professional must refer to the current U.L. Fire Resistance. Directory for .. Concrete. 72. W8 x 15. P264. 10K1. Metal Roof Deck. Panels. Batts and. Blankets. 60.

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materials and assemblies used for structural fire resistance and fire-resistance-rated . Combustible aggre- gates are permitted in gypsum and portland cement concrete .. minate at the underside of the roof sheathing, deck or slab, provided:.

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Floor Assembly — The fire-rated fluted steel deck/concrete floor assembly shall be the individual D700 or D900 Floor-Ceiling Design in the UL Fire Resistance


Normal Weight or Lightweight Concrete — Normal weight concrete, carbonate or siliceous Fire Resistance, Classified for use in lieu of welded wire fabric. For shear wire spacing of 8 in. or less the steel deck stress shall not exceed 20. KSI.

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er restrained conditions or unrestrained conditions should be deck/concrete floor ratings became restrained assembly ratings, used with fire resistance ratings in

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to concrete placement is common and does not adversely impact the deck or composite deck-slab assembly. This primer is suitable for use in many UL fire rated

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The steel floor and roof deck minimum thickness table is based upon The effect on the fire resistance of the assembly when cellular

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