removing a sailboat teak deck

My teak decks are shot, now what? - Sailing Magazine

Apr 1, 2015 The first step will be good old-fashioned hard work: Remove the old deck. I suggest cutting through the teak with a circular saw, being careful to

Removing the Teak Deck Part 1 - YouTube

Sep 17, 2016 In this video you will see how we made the decision to remove the teak from the deck of our classic 51' Formosa Sailboat. We had leaks and

How to maintain and caulk teak decks on boats.

Never clean a teak deck with chemicals. Most will remove the natural teak oil and make the deck require more frequent cleaning. A functional (as opposed to


May 27, 2018 Would you remove your teak deck? While waiting two months for a place in the boatyard, we began to question whether we were making the

Techniques for Removing Teak Decks - SailNet Community

I used to think that teak decks were the greatest. When conjuring up my dream boat, there was always a beautiful expanse of newly finished,

How To Remove a old Teak deck - Ideal Teak Yacht Decking

Aug 9, 2015 HOW TO REMOVE A OLD TEAK DECK WHEN ITS READY TO BE REPLACED Why Teak Decks Become Worn Teak will last for many many

Teak Deck in Thailand - The Howarths

After 30,000 miles and 16 years, Alba's teak deck was starting to show signs of wear. Yacht Repair quoted the lowest cost (about 5% cheaper than Phuket Inter I spent one and a half days removing the deck fittings, which Nai's team would

teak deck removal - Yachting and Boating World

May 31, 2017 We had our teak deck removed in Trinidad and then painted with Awlgrip. Our steel boat weighed 15 tons fully loaded when the marine ply that

SV Ramble On - Removing Teak Decks - YouTube

Mar 12, 2017 This is an older video of removing our teak deck. At this point (March 2017) the teak deck is gone, BUT we are still not done with this project.

teak decks - Baraka

As we sailed across the Pacific, 23-year-old Baraka's teak decks became increasingly tired. Some owners elect to remove the decking and paint non-skid. We inspected completed jobs, got references from other yacht owners, and got bids

Westsail Owners Association - Removing Teak Deck Bedding Compound

May 29, 2018 We have removed the teak decking from our WS42 Ketch, Harmony, and I have used the Boat-Life degreaser/remover to limited success: it

The secrets to renewing teak deck - epoxycraft

Jul 3, 2018 Before: Modern yachts often only have a thin veneer of teak over You may want to remove teak altogether and have a painted deck instead.

Removing a Teak Deck and Prices - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

I am looking at purchasing a 53' boat with a very old teak deck . I would love a guestimate from some of you with experience. I really want a non

Replacing Teak Decks, the DIY-er's Way - Practical Sailor Print

Practical Sailor contributor Joe Minick breaks down the steps to replacing a teak deck aboard your boat yourself, including planning and budgeting, removing

Replacing a Teak Deck - Sawmill Creek

Below decks it is practically perfect and the boat is equipped to go on the project of removing a teak deck from any but the smallest of boats.

Replacing Teak Decks is a Monumental Job Cruising World

Feb 13, 2018 There's a lot of work required to remove old teak deck and replace it I knew that teak decks were becoming scarce on new boats and seen as

All Decked Out - PassageMaker

Jul 20, 2012 The marina where we kept the boat, Rappahannock Yachts of Irvington, Virginia, had just finished removing the teak decking and installing

#11 Easy teak deck removal part 1 - YouTube

Dec 23, 2017 This is part one of two parts showing how I remove the teak decking on Wanda. I am choosing to plane removal part 1. A boat called wanda.

Teak Deck Removal - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

I have been searching for information in regards to removing teak decks and going to fiberglass decks. I have found a lot of information on how

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