is my balcony concrete

Balcony Repairs RAND Engineering Architecture, DPC

Using a mallet to sound out the concrete, the engineer/architect will determine which areas are the most badly damaged and if the balconies are still structurally

Patio and Concrete Paint at The Home Depot

Bring a fresh look to your home and garage with patio and concrete paint.

How do I properly renovate the concrete floor of my balcony

Below is what I would do, based on my understanding of what it is you're after achieving, please let me know if I get something wrong eg Have

How To Repair A Concrete Balcony - YouTube

Nov 11, 2015 Important steps to a safe and successful concrete balcony repair. A Hypothesis: How Did They Build the Peruvian Stone Walls? Ancient

How to Repair a Concrete Balcony eHow

Repair cracks in your balcony's walls or floor to maintain its structural soundness. Cracks in the concrete not only mar its appearance, but also serve as a

Concrete Restoration: Typical Issues Controlling the Condominium

Last month, we generally discussed the nature of the concrete restoration and placed back on the balcony floor after the restoration/preservation project?

Maintenance of Balconies

Any balcony has the potential, if not appropriately maintained, to fail at some All exterior concrete balconies are susceptible to decay although this may not be

Is Your Balcony A Danger Zone? Inside Edition

Jun 17, 2015 Following a balcony collapse in California that left six dead, "We want to check the connection between the concrete balcony and the building

Painting Concrete Balcony - Articles - Trained Eye Home Inspection

One of the questions that we get, and that we wrestle with, is what should be permissible as a coating on the floor of the hollow core concrete balconies.

Just Hanging Out - Keeping Balconies Safe and Attractive - The New

For the most part these days, balconies are built out of steel and concrete with a These are signs that the metal helping to support the balcony may be rusting,

Balcony Waterproofing - - Architectural Graphic Standards Online

Sep 8, 2016 For this piece, we will examine the common wood framed balcony Drain mat above the waterproofing layer and below the concrete topping

I Want to Cover My Concrete Balcony. - Keller Engineering

“I Want to Cover My Concrete Balcony.” Your attempt to cover the surface of your concrete balcony may be causing more harm than good. Exposed concrete

What Kind of Flooring Do You Put on Outside Balconies? Home

Jun 16, 2017 Before laying outdoor carpet, the Carpet and Rug Institute recommends making sure concrete balconies are properly sealed to prevent the

Balconies: The Warning Signs of Structural Issues (Part 1 – Concrete)

Jun 12, 2016 Depending upon the materials used in your balcony (concrete, metal, wood), there are definite warning signs indicating that erosion, water

The Reality of Balcony Repair Criterium Engineers

Therefore, balconies tend to match the building's framing materials i.e. wood or concrete. Wood balconies have similar maintenance problems as wood decks.

How to tell if your balcony is about to fall off - Brick Underground

Mar 18, 2011 Trapped water that freezes and thaws is the number one killer of concrete balconies, so after the winter we've had, you might want to take a

How to Turn Your Tiny Balcony into an Outdoor Paradise - The Spruce

5 days ago So what if yours is a small, blank, concrete slab with not-so-great views. With a little creative thinking, you can transform your bitsy balcony into

Balcony Flooring - Durable Balcony Coating and Floors - Armorpoxy

Our SupraTile Deck Tiles are a cost effective solution to unsightly concrete and worn balcony floors. They are easy to install and are designed to last through the

Co-op / Condo Balcony Repair Habitat Magazine

Aug 9, 2011 Should this property maintenance include the balconies? Cracks allow water to penetrate the concrete, further damaging it and the

Keeping Balconies and Railings Safe through Concrete Restoration

If deteriorating concrete is left unchecked, serious safety concerns emerge. “When the deterioration is severe, it can affect the inside of units and can even cause

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