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Dec 25, 2014 “I didn't know what a tsunami was,” he says, “nobody did. In Thailand, half of the 5,000 confirmed dead were tourists. Around 65 km (40 miles) down the coast from Thompson, Trevor Fisher was en route to Catholic mass on Tons of steel rail track were twisted upright to resemble a giant picket fence.

Tsunami cost Aceh a generation and $4.4bn World news The

Jan 21, 2005 The first comprehensive study of the damage caused by the tsunami in Indonesia reveals a devastated society and a staggering number

The human and financial cost of the Indian Ocean tsunami

Dec 25, 2014 On 26 December 2004, an undersea earthquake sent a wall of water See how the waves spread, and discover the human and financial cost.

Indian Ocean tsunami: Then and now - BBC News -

Dec 25, 2014 Ten years after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, imagery shows how affected towns and villages have been rebuilding their shattered

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characteristics of tsunami are also quite distinct from other coastal hazards (Yeh, 2009). consequences (Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand, 2004; Hollenstein, 2005). damages are the costs of “totally or partially destroyed physical assets and indirect losses Walls, fences, road surfaces, railways,.

Development of tsunami early warning systems and future - NHESS

Jun 18, 2012 The Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 triggered various interna- tional efforts focused on .. fence agencies, and civilians. The model provides . tribution of high numbers of low-cost sensor systems includ- ing accelerometers will

Indonesia: Tsunami Response World Renew

Dec 1 2004 to May 1 2010. When a massive earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia on December 26, 2004, the tsunami that followed wrought wells, and the perimeter fencing needed to protect 22 villages from wild boars.

Estimation of Damage and Losses caused by the Tsunami in Thailand

The Economic Impact of the Tsunami in Thailand. 1 .. losses was estimated as the cost of replanting 18% of their affected area10; the value of standing

After the 2004 tsunami: rebuilding lives, salvaging communities

Dec 23, 2009 After the 2004 tsunami: rebuilding lives, salvaging communities lives in 13 countries from the coast of Africa to Indonesia in the space of a few

Valuating Mangrove Ecosystems as Coastal Protection in Post

In this article, I assess the avoidance and replacement costs of mangrove ecosystems in South Asia, in reference to the South Asian tsunami of 2004. . (2015) Using Melaleuca fences as soft coastal engineering for mangrove restoration in

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