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Vinyl Stain Tips - Get inspirational tips and ideas from the home improvement that is hidden first, to make sure the solution does not further discolor your floor. SHOWER TILE IDEAS Utilizing tiles for shower surfaces and bath surrounds is a

Linoleum Flooring Damage Around Toilet - Bathroom Floor Problems

Mar 17, 2011 /flooring/index.html Click on this link to learn more about flooring, bathroom remodeling and home

discoloration in linoleum - InterNACHI

BTW, vinyl and linoleum flooring are not the same thing, vinyl is a What I found on mine was the toilet leaked and the blue cube they put in the tank that help. in any case if you see that discoloring you can bet that the floor

How Do I Clean Mold On Vinyl Flooring? - Bestlaminate

Apr 21, 2016 Dear Bob and Betsy, Our french doors have been leaking. I noticed this dark stain under the vinyl floor. I'm thinking it's mold. How do I clean

Vinyl Floor Discoloration Floor Central

Vinyl floor discoloration is a more common occurrence than one might think. Sheet vinyl floor discoloration can develop from above the product surface, below

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring With Yellow Buildup : Vinyl Flooring

Mar 26, 2013 How to Clean Vinyl Flooring With Yellow Buildup : Vinyl Flooring . I have set in yellow stains on my bathroom floor , so far have tried a steam

Safe Rug Backing for Vinyl Plank Flooring? - Houzz

Aug 12, 2016 What area rugs can go on luxury vinyl flooring? I've heard that some floors will discolor no matter what backing you use because they won't

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice kitchens and bathrooms, since it's waterproof and easy to clean. With proper care and cleaning, your vinyl floor can look great and keep its original .. My light colored flooring is discolored to a yellow hue.

How to Remove Yellow Stains on Vinyl Flooring

This is one of the easiest surfaces to clean as clean soapy water and a mop does the trick. It is important to wipe or clean vinyl floors as soon as the stain occurs.

How to Remove Yellowing from Vinyl Flooring » How To Clean Stuff

Jeanne asked: How do I remove stains on vinyl flooring? rubber comes in contact with vinyl, it creates a chemical reaction which causes the discoloration. The stain is within the vinyl floor's shiny polyurethane coating. . Cleaning Blog · Automotive · Clothing & Fabrics · Floor & Carpet · House · Kitchen & Bath · Outdoors

How To: Clean a Stained Vinyl Floor, Address Damaged Wood

Aug 20, 2009 Q: We have a white vinyl floor in the bathroom that always looks stained. A leak from a gutter has discolored part of the plywood, which

Cleaning Stains From Linoleum/Vinyl Flooring - YouTube

May 28, 2015 I have terrible yellow stains on the linoleum floor in my bathroom. When I first moved in I tried several cleaners, but none of them worked.

How to Remove Yellow Discoloration from Vinyl Flooring Hunker

Aug 8, 2018 Vinyl linoleum floors tend to get yellow stains over time for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to remove stains and

How to Remove a Stubborn Stain from Vinyl Flooring - Cleaning

From scuff marks to food stains, vinyl floors are susceptible to several use bleach on rust stains, as this may cause the stain to oxidize and discolor the floor.

Vinyl flooring turning black near toilet - Forum - Bob Vila

Jan 27, 2011 Hello, My vinyl flooring is turning black near my toilet I kind of did the jump test to see if water was leaking and making the floor soft but it

Cleaning Discolored Linoleum ThriftyFun

The white linoleum in my bathroom has become yellowed and discolored. . Builders these days use lower end vinyl floors that tend to yellow when anything is

How to Remove Yellow Discoloration from Vinyl Flooring in 2018

How to Remove Yellow Stains on Linoleum Bathroom Floors Linoleum FloorsCleaning Vinyl FloorsConcrete FloorsVinyl Floor CleanersDiy Floor CleanerDiy

Vinyl Floors Stains The Family Handyman

Stains occasionally bleed up through vinyl floors, and may have several causes, The stain won't come up through the old vinyl and discolor the new floor.

What Causes Discoloration in Vinyl Flooring? - GoHaus

Feb 4, 2016 While we have yet to experience any form of vinyl discoloration with GoHaus This type of rubber can be found under floor rugs or wheels

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