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On you can search AV Artists by name. All Antelope Valley artists are listed alphabetically by first name. You can also search by artistic medium,

how to user apple music api to search by song name, artist name

In my app I am able to fetch a MPMediaItem from the user iPod library. I need to search the Apple Music store for the URL to purchase the song.

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From Old Masters to Picasso, from Louis XVI silverware to Art Deco cutlery, what you will find on MasterArt is a cut above the rest. The most exquisite and

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Jul 11, 2018 Reverse image search on Google Images makes it possible for you to identify the work in question, the name of the artist, as

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About Search. The search feature allows you to perform a binary search on all artist names, nationality, as well as any additional artist information. To search for

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The sort name is a variant of the artist name which would be used when sorting artists by name, such as in record shops or libraries. Among other things, sort

Kim Hajong (artist name: Yudang) Album of Sea and Mountains

A court painter who came from a family of distinguished painters, Kim Hajong traveled to the Diamond Mountains in 1815 alongside Yi Gwangmun (1778–1838),

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Artist Name. Type any part of the artist's name. Change to advanced search. First Name. Last Name. Use a full stop "." if there are letters before or after. (".one.

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Artists and artisans on the Spectrum Anytime online store.

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The following list of painters by name includes over 3,100 painters from all ages and parts of the world. Contents. Top; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P

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Artists by name. A · B · C · D · E · F · G · H · I · J · K · L · M · N · O · P · Q · R · S · T · U · V · W · X · Y · Z · Unattributed. Quick search Advanced search · Collections

Search over 15,000 artworks by artist names, categories or

From Old Masters to Picasso, from Louis XVI silverware to Art Deco cutlery, what you will find on MasterArt is a cut above the rest. The most exquisite and

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Results. Refine Search. Scroll over images to see marks of objects (if available). A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V| W X Y Z.

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Browse Modern and Contemporary artists with auction results, signatures and When you click on an artist's name, you will automatically access all the artist Search by Artist Name

[View All] [Artists without a Last Name] A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Click on a Letter ( Alphabetical by Last Name ). AEneas MacRae.

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A faster and simpler approach is to use our custom search engine. It also contains common variants on many artist names - Bruegel vs. Brueghel, Raphael vs.

Selling Art: How to Identify the Artist, Age, and Value of Artwork

Sep 26, 2018 The right name could make all the difference at auction, but just how do Search Engines: If you have an actual title and an artist written on the

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Explore over 300000 artists on artnet. Browse Modern and Contemporary artist pages that include artworks for sale, art auction results, and artist biographies.

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When searching for artist ID to use in future queries it can be difficult to go through the list from my search to find the actual band/artist as it seems I am returning

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Name starts with: Enter the entire last name or just the beginning of either first or last name. EXAMPLE: a search for Joseph returns Joseph Beuys, Josephine

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Check the true price of your favourite artist in our fine art databank of 553238 artists at auction.